Wheatland Express Safety Train

The Canadian Safety Train Express provides education on railway safety using instructors, educational and safety awareness materials, a simulation machine and the train itself.

The Canadian Safety Train Express hopes that everyone is being rail safe

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and create awareness about railway safety to reduce preventable trespassing and crossing incidents.

Our Programs

By being on a train, participants get a better feel for its size & power, encouraging them to take rail safety more seriously. We want our target audiences to get excited about rail safety & promote what they learn & experience, thus reducing the number of railway related incidents & accidents.


or More People Killed or Injured in Canada*

* in Crossing/trespassing Incidents Each Year

Over 24,000

Railway Crossings in Canada

This Year Alone There Have Been


Crossing/Trespassing Incidents in Canada

The Railway Incident Map

The incident map is an overall view of railway incidents and accidents that happen all over Canada.