About Us

The Canadian Safety Train Express provides education on railway safety using qualified instructors, educational & safety awareness materials, a simulation machine & the train itself.

By being on a train, participants get a better feel for its size & power, encouraging them to take rail safety more seriously. We want our target audiences to get excited about rail safety & promote what they learn & experience, thus reducing the number of railway related incidents & accidents.

Our project target groups include both youth groups and the general public, specifically those who reside in areas where railway companies have operations and where there is a history of high trespassing and crossing incidents.

These include:

  • Children from K-6
  • Pre-teens
  • Teenagers
  • Drivers Ed students
  • Young males aged 18-35*

* As data demonstrates that over the last three years they have been heavily involved in trespassing & crossing incidents.

Our two main goals are:

  • To educate our target audience on rail safety, specifically to avoid trespassing and crossing accidents.
  • A reduction in trespassing and crossing incidents in areas where the safety train presentations are given.